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Home preparedness

Make sure to complete these 10 steps prior to our visit.

Home preparedness: Text


Clear all surfaces

Kitchen countertops, tablets, cords and refrigerator magnets.

If your counter tops are where you charge your phones, store messages and notes, that should all be organized and out of the way before we arrive. Make sure magnets with images of faces, friends and children are removed. This saves time and allows the photographer to focus on showcasing your property, rather pulling down magnets.

Toilet seats down

Hide bathing products & refresh bathroom towels.

Make sure toilet seat covers in the bathroom are positioned down. Hide personal items like medication, as well as toothbrushes and loofahs.
Organizing these areas will help to get more appealing images captured.

Open all window blinds

Turn on all home lighting & replace missing bulbs.

Our window images are really beautiful when we have all the windows sparkling clean, and the window shades and blinds opened. The same goes for lighting. It’s easy to have bulbs looked at or replaced before we are there, as we take all our photos with the lights on, which makes for beautiful ambient lighting.

Stow pet products

and have a plan for pets on photo day.

Be cautious of pets and their belongings. Make a plan for your pets on the day of photography. Don’t just lock them in a room and expect the photographer to work around a dog.

Do a complete home refresh

Make beds, clear sinks, and clean floors.

Complete a normal home refresh before photography such as making your bed, clearing the counter top, and taking the time to make that final pass before the photographer arrives. This gives your home an opportunity to really be ready for photos.

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Pull vehicles

Clear the driveway. This all ensures we can present the newly updated home properly.

out of the driveway & have all contractor work pomplete prior to photos.

The garage is a perfect place

to hide large items like garbage cans.

Use your garage as a storage unit. We typically don’t photograph garages as they are not viewed as a desirable space by most buyers. As such, it’s the best place for storage. Use it to hide garbage cans, trash, or large items.

Remove all outside clutter

Put away rakes, lawn toys & wrap hoses.

Remove all outside clutter and put away simple things like rakes, and roll up your lawn hoses. If you have outdoor furniture, set it up nicely and prepare it to serve dinner. The curbside appeal really matters.

Mow the lawn

& refresh your landscaping.

Mow your lawn and refresh your landscaping. Refreshed landscaping ahead of a photographer’s arrival will yield better photos and results.

Tell your neighbors

You have a photo shoot happening

(If drones will be used).

Make sure your neighbors are aware if you are listing your home and a photographer will be visiting.
Drones can cause tension and privacy issues, which we want to be cautious of. Communication and awareness are key to a smooth shoot.

Home preparedness: List
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